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Well here comes the sad part my friends. I want to sincerely thank you all for visiting my blog. I truly hope you enjoyed my nerdyness and works. Thankyou for being patient through the process of creating this blog. It has been fun and also quite a challenge to piece together all of this knowledge.

I think through these blogs it shows my overcoming my fear of sharing some of my public thoughts and writings to the public. It also shows that i can take a work of literature and break it down to analyze what i think the true meaning and moral the work is trying to convey. I think this shows that i am willing to be productive in my learning journey and use different facets of technology to get my point of view across.

In conclusion, I would love to say that my impression of AP literature is one of true satisfaction. I hope that in college I am able to have a wonderful teacher like Mrs. Silveri. She has truly taught me to be more open minded and forced me to branch out and learn to use more technology within my learning. She is a wonderful woman and I am not truly sure what this class would have been like without her. She has not only read and listened to my opinions but everyone elses. I have truly grown as a critical thinker through completing this class and also as a person. I am not more open minded to many things and am proud to say that I wayyy  more nerdy than I was before after completing this course. Thankyou Mrs. Silveri and third period ap literature class! I love you all!!


Literary Analysis Essay

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In this it is my duty to respond to this 2010 ap literature exam prompt

2010. Palestinian American literary theorist and cultural critic Edward Said has written that “Exile is strangely compelling to think about but terrible to experience. It is the unhealable rift forced between a human being and a native place, between the self and its true home: its essential sadness can never be surmounted.” Yet Said has also said that exile can become “a potent, even enriching” experience. Select a novel, play, or epic in which a character experiences such a rift and becomes cut off from “home,” whether that home is the character’s birthplace, family, homeland, or other special place. Then write an essay in which you analyze how the character’s experience with exile is both alienating and enriching, and how this experience illuminates the meaning of the work as a whole. Do not merely summarize the plot.


The Road

In the novel The Road by Cormac Mccarthy the two main characters the boy and the son are completly cut off from their home. The main plot of the novel is that the world has suddenly burned down. Everything that was once beautiful and alive just vanished into the mist. Due to the lack of food and natural resources used to make food cannibalism and cannibals soon developed. The man and son were forced to leave their homes in fears that the cannibals would soon be in pursuit of them.

  Being cut off from your natural environment is of course a shock and in this case was an absolute devastation. The initial shock instilled much fear of how everyone was to live after that. Where were they to run to? What was there to look forward to? All that remained was road and cold. No brightness, just the insurmountable damage. Of course along with the factor of cannibals there came an underlying question of the mind to either kill yourself or set yourself up for your own demise. The father always kept a gun with him. Many times in the novel he came to the point of killing himself and his own son. His reasoning, “why choose to live in such conditions when eventually cannibals might kill me? Why subject myself and my son to such living.” The son never questioned him about these moments he only questioned his father about how they knew if they were the good people.

  Throughout this novel you see how their journey is that of sincere alienation from the world and also of positivity and faith. You find that due to alienation that whenever they come into contact with other people (good and evil) it was always a moment of sheer terror and also questioning. Due to the cannibalism it kept them shut off from the world, therefore the son never truly found the true meaning of friendship and social connection between people. The child was to never know what it is like to live in a populated place. He knew nothing of good or evil. With no establishment of the values of good and evil the father instilled in him a sense of security with something called “the fire.” The fire was to the son only a mere reasoning for why they were the good people. The father always told him that they were the good people because they had the fire. To a boy who never truly understood this statement, this would soon become an enriching experience.

 To the father the fire was a representation of his ability to keep on going to not stop and to not bring himself to his own fate. It was his measure of the light within him that shined through the darkness. When the father grew ill towards the end of the novel the son has a moment with his father before his father passes and his father speaks to him about this fire and says, ““It’s inside of you. It was always there, I can see it…” I truly believe that at that moment the son finally understood the concept of fire. He found that it was his ambition to move forward and that no one could take his fire he would always have it and nothing would change that.

  His father passed on and a family approached the boy and he learned that despite his unknowing of whether the family was good or evil, that he had the fire. This was the enriching experience despite the prior circumstances. It was his moment to let his fire shine in the darkness. It was his moment to finally meet new people. At the end of the novel you find that the true meaning was not of sheer devastation and incomprehensible darkness within the world, it was that of true positivity. The novel was meant to tell people to never stop and to keep your ever burning eternal fire bright through all circumstances of life…dark and bright.

global issues presentation

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This is a presentation created about “when the levees broke” which was a documentary about the devastating aftermath and survivor’s stories of Hurrican Katrina.


Fall Final Exam Video 2010

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this contains my vieo analysis of certain questions and curriculum learned throughout the accumulative first year of school.


service learning reflection

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Service Learning Reflection


  If I were to speak about any of the many awesome volunteer jobs, I would love to speak on my volunteer work within my church. I am a volunteer for the children’s and youth ministries for my church Trinity Family Worship Center. Within this volunteer job I am obliged to perform skits that teach the younger children about their virtue of the month. For example, if the word of the month is love than the skit would involve a certain few characters that exhibit how to properly love someone and how it is relevant in the Bible. When assisting the youth pastor within the youth ministry my job title is a small group leader. I have my own small group with the middle school teens. They get to ask me any question they please and also ask for advice. I am there to help them get closer to God and also help them within their personal lives. With all of these jobs comes a little fraction of my happiness called JOY.

  I always find myself engulfed in my personal life and school, but for a few small hours in my week I am able to help others learn how to deal with personal issues. I feel as if God blessed me with a gift to help others and I know that my life would not be the same without it. I have always found it absolutely awesome to help people no matter what walk of life they are in. It is something that brings me joy to know that I had a hand in helping someone on this Earth attain true happiness. The journey to attain the knowledge necessary to help most of these people has been rocky and very trying. I have been through many things and seen a lot of situations in life that I am certainly not proud of or choose to admit to, but I know that I went through all of this because it was used in the helping of others.

  Reflecting back upon my life, I think that I may have been too embarrassed or even ungrateful for a lot of the past experiences. I blamed God for everything wrong in my life. I lost my passion for my life’s purpose because I was so absorbed with my own self’s misfortunes. It wasn’t until someone I am very close to just prayed over me and it felt as if she read the words in my diary through God’s eyes that I realized that I can’t give up. Faith is the only thing that will keep me going, believing that God will take care of it, and staying true to his words through my everyday actions is what will always keep my spirits lifted. Despite the situations I go through they are there for me to share my story to others with the same situation I had and how to get through it.

 Through volunteering I discovered that there are so many people out there who have been through all of the same situations I have. It helped ease the weight upon my shoulders and also theirs too. Without these jobs I don’t think I would have attained any of this knowledge. I’ve definitely grown ever more wiser and stronger since I began my volunteering.

my resume

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this is a link to my personal resume. it includes my education, work history, work references, and personal achievements

 alayna resume

poetry analysis

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This is a project that was assigned to the ap literature students right before thanksgiving break. We were given the daunting task of analyzing six out of ten poems and creating a prezi about what we learned. This is my project, i  hope you enjoy!

1. Elderly Lady Crossing on Green

By: Wyatt Prunty


  Wyatt Prunty’s poem “Elderly Lady Crossing on Green” uses the following literary elements to convey his overall theme to the reader. These elements include a sense of carefree youthfulness in the life of an elderly woman.

  Prunty speaks of an elderly woman reminiscing about her days as a racer. He uses allusion in lines 4 and 14 to present her time as , “never widow, wife, mother or a bride”. These times of mere freedom and no boundaries are to her, “time she’d like to tell.” The imagery used in between these lines give the reader the impression of a young fearless woman within an elderly woman just wanting to escape from her elderly life. Wyatt Prunty presents other allusions to her past in lines 9-12 by speaking of the way in which she used to go fast in her V8 power glide. If you were in the way she would run you into the dirt.

  The poem is written in a stanzaic form. There are five stanzas of 4 lines a piece, that use the rhyme scheme ABCB. This poem has an abundance of positive space due to the amount of text. This poem is not enjambment due to the fact that it uses commas, ellipses, and periods to present a more organized form rather than a run-on sentence.




 2. Flower in the Crannied Wall

By: Alfred, Lord Tennyson


 “Flower in the Crannied Wall” by Alfred, Lord Tennyson is a basic representation of the meaning of life. He moves from an insignificant situation to a significant situation through the use of a flower. The metaphorical examples such as “what you are, root and all, all in all…” shows the he uses the questions of what the flower is, what is the flower’s purpose, and how it is all connected to the flower’s life or the speaker’s life to piece together the meaning of life. Through the mere six lines written in stanzaic form, with NO rhyme scheme seems small it conveys a long message. It is written with positive space and a pause to stop the reader and to gather thought creating a bit of negative space. This poem is not enjambment it does not run-on, but it uses end stopped lines to slow the reader down, The allusion in this poem is when he references, “ I should know what god and man is.” Thus, showing us a reference to a biblical figure.



3. Here

By: Grace Paley


  In the poem “Here” by Grace Paley the author speaks of love and the current state of the world. It’s a love poem that appreciates the love in the speaker’s life, the speaker’s grandchild, and her husband. The poem uses and allegory to convey a hidden theme. In lines 13 through 16 the speaker talks about how her husband is explaining the world’s sad story to the meter reader. Through this statement the speaker is saying that her and her husband are both displeased by how the world is changing. This ties in to the obvious message of love because she wants to kiss her husband and the admiration of how his feelings of the world meet hers. The overwhelming desire she has physically overtakes her because he shares her same vision and passion for the world.

  This poem is written in the nonce form. It is placed together by a couplet, tercet, and a stanza. It is enjambment because it runs-on and doesn’t have any formal punctuation. It is quite formal, there is no elaborate ways of speaking. It’s as if the speaker is just a regular person sitting in front of you telling you their life story. Through its many breaks and pauses it creates negative space to pace the reader.




4. A Beautiful Girl Combs Her Hair

By: Li Ho


   Li Ho’s poem “A Beautiful Girl Combs Her Hair” is about the envy of a beautiful girl. The speaker in this poem is more than likely another female. She is describing this lovely girl using figurative language such as metaphors and personification. The speaker compares the girl’s hair to shiny blue-black stuff and gives the personification of her hairs long coil to be a “cloud down to the floor.”  As the poem goes on the speaker shows signs of being an older woman showing envy of this young girl of 18’s youth and sheer beauty. Even when messy and slovenly the girl is beautiful. The speaker is quite jealous and seems to want that beauty for themselves.

  This poem is written in a free for. It combines tercets and couplets in a pattern completely made by the author. There is no formal punctuation, therefore making the poem an enjambment. It is very elaborate explaining all things with an utmost sensuous tone.




5. The Magic of Love

By: Helen Farries


  Helen Farries poem “The Magic of Love” talks solely about love. She uses a greeting card style, almost a cliché of all the lovely thoughts and emotions that go with love. She uses a rhyme scheme of ABCB and uses the stanzaic form.  It does have quite a bit of punctuation so it’s not enjambment.

  This poem is quite elaborate with its explanations of how love is like a blessing and like a bright star in the night sky. It shows an allusion of love being “a blessing from heaven above.” The speaker also conveys how the feeling of love is like the warming feeling of the sun. The speaker also states that the feelings of love make difficult times easier. Thus, showing imagery by giving the impression of the speaker being in LOVE.



6. You’re Missing

By: Bruce Springsteen


  In Bruce Springsteen’s “You’re Missing” the speaker is speaking of their love being gone. This poem is written in a stanzaic form and has a rhyme scheme of AABBC. There is not a lot of negative space, this poem has quite a bit of text so it’s mainly positive space.

  This poem is very formal as it goes straight to the point and doesn’t form the theme in an elaborate sense. As the poem speaks about how everything is empty and incomplete with that significant other being gone, it gives quite a bit of imagery. Thus, making the reader see the speaker’s depression, pain, anguish, and sense of loneliness. This poem does present some allusion as it gives reference to God and the Devil in everyday life. God being the hope drifting above and the Devil coming to collect death or deliver bad news in the mailbox.

http://prezi.com/presentation/[email protected]/vj3c03t/

why is education so important? what is educational philosophy anyway?

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  Educational philosophy to me is an individual’s personal vision of their way of education. Some choose to apply a certain philosophy to their own way of learning or use their own custom epistemological stance on life as their premises of learning. For me, personally, I feel that learning is best done in an open environment other than in a classroom. I base my learning on the phrase, “carpe diem,” from the Latin poem by Horace. I choose to seize the day and take my learning in places other than just my classroom. Learning is not all based upon what you see and read in your textbook, but how far you choose to expand your knowledge. Knowledge can be found in art, museums, conversations with other individuals, and through many historical sites.
   I learn best when I am not just sitting at a desk in a school, if I am involved in hands on learning experience having debates and conversations on novels and the lessons being taught within the classroom I can better grasp the concept being taught. A great teacher once told me,” A good writer can relate what they learn and write to art, books, music, and many other facets of knowledge.” Education is not just something that will get you by in life, but it is a way of life. Education will help you better grasp concepts within everyday life with such ease. There are better opportunities for those who take their education seriously and go out into the world searching for more answers. You can’t just settle for what you’re given you have to go out and attain more. In simpler words education is stepping above society’s standards and being a pioneer within your studies because knowledge is power.

who am i…what will i become?

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this is my glog. this shall show you who i am and some of my future aspirations


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Hello my fellow bloggers!!! I would love to introduce myself to you. My name is Alayna Morales and I am a senior preparing to graduate high school. The reasoning behind creating this blog is to create a super, totally awesome, fantastical (yes i said fantastical) senior exit portfolio. This is a compilation of many of my works and other personal assignments done throughout my year in AP literature.

I hope that you all will enjoy many of the essays. All though these essays only contain my mere sentiments of books and what the world would love to call dreadful homework, i truly consider many of the works spoken about within the books and poetry as art and beauty in their own simplistic manner. I hope that you all will truly see the true importance of literature as seen through my eyes.